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Meet Caroline

Hi! My name is Caroline I am 19 years old and live in Naples, FL. I attend Boston University (virtually) and am set to graduate in Spring of 2024. During my time as a competitive figure skater, I have developed a strong passion for nutrition, health, and fitness, and plan on pursuing these interests in college. The goal of Caroline Beth Health is to share my health experiences and knowledge, as well as my cooking, fun recipes, workouts, and favorite places in MA and FL. I am certified in reformer pilates and working on the Precision Nutrition coaching certification.  


Being a competitive figure skater since the age of six, sports have always been a part of my life. Of course, it was not until I was much older that I truly understood what was needed to optimally perform and began to realize what a key role nutrition played in this. Through my later years of figure skating, I worked with a few different nutritionists. Originally, I started seeing a woman who worked specifically with athletes to help their performance and recovery through proper fueling. After a few years, this became a bit of a fixation and I began struggling with disordered eating. Once it got to this point, I began seeing a nutritionist at Boston Children's Hospital for help. We worked together during my recovery to better my relationship with food that had previously been destroyed by my want for a specific aesthetic and success in my sport. 

During my college gap year, I worked as a Junior figure skating coach at The Skating Club of Boston. I also worked to attain two reformer pilates certifications and began the Precision Nutrition coaching course. My goal was to build my resume as well as expand my knowledge in exercise and nutrition to give me the tools to help my students. My hope in the future is to guide and work with athletes of all ages who are looking to perform at their peak while maintaining a healthy relationship with food. I want to help prevent young, impressionable teens from going through the detrimental experiences that I did.

I also have a passion for cooking and creating fun, healthy food recipes. During quarantine, I started my Instagram account dedicated to healthy meals featuring my recipes. It has always been a goal of mine to have a website devoted to healthy recipes, fitness, health and wellness and that is exactly what Caroline Beth Health has become. 

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