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Almond Cacao Protein Oats


1/2 cup of quick oats

1 scoop of protein

1 serving of collagen

1 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp of flax seeds

2 tbsp of cacao powder


1/2 cup of non-dairy milk

1 tbsp of maple syrup

1 tbsp of natural almond butter


1. Put all dry ingredients to a bowl and mix.

2. Add in milk, maple syrup, and almond butter and combine.

3. Store in fridge overnight and add your favorite toppings in the morning (I love blueberries, cacao nibs, and extra almond butter)!

*If meal prepping for the week, multiply everything by the amount of days you want and combine in a large bowl, let sit overnight, then separate evenly into containers.

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